Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Miss Printables - the story so far...

Let me introduce myself, my name is Faye Brown. I've been a designer and animator for 15 years. Since having my own family I wanted to think of a way to design for children and parents - that was fun, useful and easily accessible. Miss Printables was born out of a passion for good design aimed at families.
The first product idea was to design food packaging. I found my son's shop bought ones kept getting squashed and ruined. I thought if I could design our own we could print out any new items as and when we needed them. Whilst this is essentially about a fun and valuable experience playing shops, older kids will also learn from how the boxes are constructed and folded into 3D forms.  
I love to hear feedback from any of the products. One mum who bought the food packaging suggested offering a version with plain boxes so the kids could draw their own designs on the card before folding into shape. I love that idea! (it's coming soon)

Printable food packaging available here

Cut out the templates, fold and stick!

After the food packaging came other ideas for imaginative play - a post office, travel set and a bank. In the making is also a doctors kit and a newsagents! 

A few of the printable items from the Post Office set

To keep updated on new products, special offers and freebies please follow the Miss Printables facebook page. You can also keep updated on the twitter page.

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