Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas freebie

As a little thank you to everyone who has liked the facebook page or visited and purchased from the shop I am offering my best seller for FREE for one weekend, 19th-21st December 2014. The printable food packaging was the first product I thought of for the shop, so it seems fitting to give this away as a gift. Are any of your little ones getting a play kitchen or shop for Christmas?

You can download the PDF here until midnight on the 21st December. And as an extra little christmas present you can get 30% off the shop with the code PROMO. This might prove useful for some last minute christmas gifts - how about the Grandparents House Rules..?

Or maybe you know a little baby or toddler who would love a button print..?! You could even spell out their name... find the whole alphabet here.

I'd love to hear if you've downloaded the packaging and who will play with it in the comments below, or why not say hi on the facebook page?

Thanks again for supporting Miss Printables in her launch year! I'm looking forward to designing lots more products next year. Happy Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Blank box templates - freebie!

For today only (6th Dec 2015) get 40% off everything in the shop!! 

After creating some pretty printable christmas boxes for the shop I thought it would be a nice option to offer the templates as a free downloadable printable - on one condition... I want to see your creations! haha

Update - I'm so overwhelmed by how many of you have downloaded this set! so pleased it's a big hit. If you'd like to say a little thanks I'd love it if you could pop along and like the Miss Printables facebook page (there's usually lots of offers going on!)

Feel free to pin this to Pinterest

These boxes will be perfect for smaller gifts such as jewellery, chocolates and sweets. There's also a little popcorn box perfect for movie nights. 

If you need some extra inspiration here's some my son and I decorated...

Simple ribbon and tag (gift tags available from the shop!)

Fun with washi tape

Felt tip pen patterns

And my son enjoyed sticking his christmas stickers on his boxes

You can download the PDF here. You'll get 7 different templates. You should be able to also scale this up to print on A3 paper easily for bigger boxes. 

And if you like free printables please follow along with The 12 Days of Christmas on our facebook page.

I would love to see your designs and creations - please post them on the facebook page. There might be a little prize for some of my favourites!

And if you would like to buy the ready made versions plus tags please pop on over to the Etsy Shop. You can get 30% off all items with the discount code PROMO. 

Have fun and enjoy creating! 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

30 DAY CHALLENGE - Sort out!

Who likes a good old sort out? And who likes writing lists?! Well if you do, download this free monthly calendar and challenge your household to a 30 day sort out. There are 30 spaces for small jobs (I'd say that take anything between 5-30 minutes to complete) and 4 spaces for bigger jobs that need doing (30 mins plus). Follow this link to download a PDF or JPG. 

You don't have to do one everyday, maybe some days you'll get 4 jobs done and others none. There's also a handy colour key at the bottom if you want to split the jobs up into rooms or categories.

Make sure you get the whole family involved including the children! 

Miss Printables is also offering 30% off the organisation and planning printables in her shop. Take a look here and enter the code SORTITOUT at check out for a discount. 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Travel Bingo - freebie!

A few weeks ago I was starting to dread our upcoming 3 hour drive to Devon with our almost 3 year old. I'd been meaning to do a travel bingo game for some time but this was the perfect excuse to make it happen! I had looked online at a few versions but I felt that my toddler needed a very simple and colourful one to capture his young imagination. I didn't really know if he'd be too young for it. 

So off we went on our holiday with my son 'road testing' the prototype version of travel bingo, pictured below. He loved it!! It made our journey go so much quicker and I really started noticing how much my son was taking in his surroundings whilst playing. Although the 'free space' stars confused him, he wanted to wait until it got dark so he could see the stars! And we didn't see any pigs on our travels so I dropped the pigs (sorry pigs!). I also added a few more items when we got home, like a cow. I had sent the cards to some helpful followers on the facebook page who road tested it with their kids and it was great to hear that older kids enjoyed it too - and the stars seemed to confuse everyone! so no more stars!

Prototype travel bingo

I'm hoping to offer a freebie every month so this seems the perfect month to offer one card of the travel bingo as a free printable download. Perfect for the summer holidays and all those road trips. You can download your free PDF by clicking here. If you are on a tablet you might need to click on this link for a jpg version. You can print this as many times as you like and included in the download is a discount code for 25% off the full game. 

If you decide you and your kids have enjoyed the game then pop on over to the Etsy shop to download the full game. This includes 5 extra game cards (so 6 in total) which are loosely categorised into country, sea and city - although they should all work for most journeys. And some ideas for how to play although I think we can all make our own rules up! Don't forget your 25% off discount code - if you know you want the full game the code is FULLHOUSE
This version does have UK road signs. I'm hoping to do other versions soon for other countries. But if you know you are not going to see any icon on the card, just cross it out before you start playing!

I'd love to hear all about your car journeys and whether your children enjoyed playing the travel bingo game. Have fun and happy travels!

Cute as a button - alphabet buttons

One of my passions is typography, I love letters! So creating an alphabet out of buttons seemed like a natural thing to do... it ended up taking ages, but I love it! I asked people on the facebook page to suggest words for each letter which was a great help.
You can view all the letters in the shop here. For personalised prints please get in touch via the facebook page.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Miss Printables - the story so far...

Let me introduce myself, my name is Faye Brown. I've been a designer and animator for 15 years. Since having my own family I wanted to think of a way to design for children and parents - that was fun, useful and easily accessible. Miss Printables was born out of a passion for good design aimed at families.
The first product idea was to design food packaging. I found my son's shop bought ones kept getting squashed and ruined. I thought if I could design our own we could print out any new items as and when we needed them. Whilst this is essentially about a fun and valuable experience playing shops, older kids will also learn from how the boxes are constructed and folded into 3D forms.  
I love to hear feedback from any of the products. One mum who bought the food packaging suggested offering a version with plain boxes so the kids could draw their own designs on the card before folding into shape. I love that idea! (it's coming soon)

Printable food packaging available here

Cut out the templates, fold and stick!

After the food packaging came other ideas for imaginative play - a post office, travel set and a bank. In the making is also a doctors kit and a newsagents! 

A few of the printable items from the Post Office set

To keep updated on new products, special offers and freebies please follow the Miss Printables facebook page. You can also keep updated on the twitter page.

A warm welcome

Welcome to Miss Printables new blog. Here I will post up fun stories about the printable products, special offers and freebies. You can also keep in touch through the Miss Printables facebook page. All items for sale are in the Etsy shop. For any personalised items you may require please get in touch and I will do my best to provide you with whatever you need.

I love designing new products - if you have any requests or ideas please drop me a line via the facebook page.