Tuesday, 26 August 2014

30 DAY CHALLENGE - Sort out!

Who likes a good old sort out? And who likes writing lists?! Well if you do, download this free monthly calendar and challenge your household to a 30 day sort out. There are 30 spaces for small jobs (I'd say that take anything between 5-30 minutes to complete) and 4 spaces for bigger jobs that need doing (30 mins plus). Follow this link to download a PDF or JPG. 

You don't have to do one everyday, maybe some days you'll get 4 jobs done and others none. There's also a handy colour key at the bottom if you want to split the jobs up into rooms or categories.

Make sure you get the whole family involved including the children! 

Miss Printables is also offering 30% off the organisation and planning printables in her shop. Take a look here and enter the code SORTITOUT at check out for a discount. 

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